Want to start trading and making money or learn about cryptocurrency investing to shield you over the constant devaluation of the traditional currency due to inflation? Join the Waploaded trading Academy today and experience a boost in your portfolio.

WA, is the Waploaded Academy, a product of Waploaded Media, built out of love and passion to help Africans embrace the power of financial independence.

WA is an online educational platform, teaching people how to trade and make money online in the cryptocurrency market, and various other industries.

The Waploaded Academy has various courses and educational materials that can get anyone started with making money online easily.

An online skill provides you enough knowledge to get you started trading and making money immediately as most times little capital is required to get started, you can run it successfully on your own from the comfort of your home and will most likely earn in dollars.

Taking Crypto Trading as an example, this will open the possibility for you to tap into the wealth of the future.

Imagine having 10,000 pieces of your local currency 10years ago, and keeping that same currency without spending it till this time, will it still be as valuable as it was 10years ago? No.

Now, cryptocurrencies are here to finally change that notion, many of them are deflationary, they are scarce, they are now being used by individuals, institutions and smart money, that is to say, their use-cases are rising, and early investors are sure going to reap.

If you had 10,000 pieces of Bitcoin 10 years ago, you would have seen 100x more value as it were 10years ago. This is how the currency help secure a better future for all of us.

There are several high in-demand training courses inside the Academy, the most popular is the Crypto Signals & Trading course where you are thought about cryptocurrency trading and getting access to our community of traders which is powered by top crypto experts in Africa that shares crypto signals daily inside the Academy.

Other top courses includes the Instagram growth course, youtube mastery course, sales page writing, Niche Blogging mentorship and many more.

The benefits are endless, trading in the crypto space is an eye-opener, and joy-giver, you see the possibility to accumulate wealth easily.

  • 1. You get access to a tutor that guides you.
  • 2. Lifetime access to premium signals (Trade Calls).
  • 3. Trade signals sent via SMS, Email, Telegram & Private Whatsapp Group.
  • 4. Market Analysis and Tutorials via Zoom Meetings.
  • 5. Join Community of traders and keep learning.
  • 6. Crypto educational materials and books.

This question is closely related to the number 4 above. Inside the WTA platform, after upgrading your account to premium, you will be granted access to receive our trade signals via SMS and to your email.

On the WTA website, you will read tons of crypto related tutorials, can ask questions in the comments, on the signal page you can still share your view and see the status of every trade (Working/Closed/Success).

You will be matched with a tutor on Whatsapp whom will teach you how to get started, and serve as your mentor within the WTA community. You will gain access to some community Whatsapp groups some of which signals are shared and the rest are to discuss about trading.

You will participate in our weekly zoom calls, market analysis and tutorial classes to further sharpen how you trade, and how fast you cope with trading activities.

WTA is not a person, it's a group of selected crypto traders bound by passion, working together to provide well-thought signals that will definitely fetch profits for us all.

No Tutor, Expert or individual will ask you for money to trade for you, it's against the ethic WTA was built upon, we teach you how to do it, and how to be best at trading, we make it easier by giving you selected trades with great potential and that's the beauty of it all.

Start by registering on the website https://academy.waploaded.com, verify and login to your account, Upgrade to premium to start enjoying all the aforementioned benefits.

Confused? need to talk to us before you get in? Contact us on Whatsapp or via email, we would be ready to help.

As at writing this FAQ, the entry cost into the WTA is $100 (early birds price), the proposed cost as from August 01, 2021 would be increased to triple of that. This is because, the Academy is packed and surely worth it as the services rendered, mentorship, tutorship and ease of delivery is top-notch.

You can either pay via two automatic premium payment, Bank Card or Crypto (BTC, ETH, DAI, USDC etc..) or a manual payment that requires admin approval, Direct bank transfer or USDT TRC-20 Address. We also provide more payment options when you email our support.