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Waploaded Trading Academy

Waploaded Trading Academy (WTA) is a cryptocurrency academy founded by the media brand "Waploaded Media" with aim of eradicating poverty from Africa and beyond through cryptocurrency assets trading and education.

The WTC brings well over 5 years of Finance, Investing & Trading experience into the crypto space, being made up of 6 crypto experts working to simplify crypto trading signals' delivery and knowledge-base for newbies in crypto.

In the financial realm, there is no doubt that FIAT currencies e.g Naira, Dollar at some point losses value. The use of Cryptocurrencies and trading is giving power to the people as it is very secure, limitless and decentralized, shifting power from a central body and now to the people.

Waploaded Trading Academy experts now brings those skills and experiences to the forefront and into the crypto world with passion, energy, and a desire to see others succeed where most fail. We are proud to present to you our trading academy that allows you to copy our trading positions and become successful.

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